EECS700 Modern Computer Architecture and Design Fall 2022

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Prof. Mohammad Alian
Office: 2022EH
Office Hours: on demand by email
Email: alian@ku.edu

Course Description

The main objective of this course is to discuss various computer architectures at an abstract level. A large number of machines, memory structures, and interconnections will be discussed. We will learn about state-of-the-art computer systems as they are designed today, including processors, memories, interconnects, and multiprocessors. The focus of the course is not on research but on actual, commercial, existing machines. The course includes two lectures, several homework, and simulation projects. We will have unannounced in-class quizzes.

The students taking the course will be ready to conduct research in the area of computer architecture or work on projects related to designing chip architecture for components of a computer system. More importantly, the students will gain experience in using architectural simulators and analytical models to design and evaluate future computer architectures.

Lecture time: Tu, Th 4:00 - 5:15 PM

Class: LEA 2133

Refer to the course syllabus for additional details

We use Canvas for grades and MS Teams for discussion. The lecture notes and other course materials will be uploaded to the course website.


  • Required: "Parallel computer organization and design," by Dubois, Annavaram, Stenstrom
  • Recommended: "Modern Processor Design: Fundamentals of Superscalar Processors," by Shen, Lipasti
  • Recommended: "Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach," by Hennessy, Patterson 6th edition

  • Lecture Notes/Videos

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    Homework, Quizzes, and Paper Reviews

  • Assignment 1 [pdf][Due Sep 5th - 11:59PM]
  • Assignment 2 [pdf][Due Sep 16th - 11:59PM]
  • Assignment 3 [pdf][Due Oct 14th - 11:59PM]
  • Assignment 4 [pdf][First phase due Nov 8th - 3:00PM]
  • Quiz 02 [PPT]
  • Quiz 03 [Docx]
  • Quiz 04 [Docx]
  • Homework 1 [pdf]
  • Homework 2 - optional (solution) [pdf]

  • Exams

    Midterm 1 is scheduled for Tuesday September 27th. Materials covered: Lectures 01 to 06

    Midterm 2 is scheduled for Thursday November 10th. Materials covered: Until Lecture 12 - more focus on Lectures 07 - 12

    Final exam is on December 13th. The exam will cover all the topics discussed during the semester.

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